Hardness : 7

Found at : Brazil, Russia, France, Madagascar, USA, United Kingdom.

Stone sign : Leo

Treatment : Spleen, pancreas, kidneys, thyroid, nerves, constipation.

Hardness : 7

Found at : Brazil, Greece, Russia

Color : Blue, pink, green, yellow

Treatment : It treats muscular disorders, fevers, the urogenital system, thyroid and parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, throat and brain. Natural analgesic, lowers blood pressure and cure infections, releases the excess weight, supports the cerebellum and motor responses of the body and helps balance the yin-yang energy.

Placement : Μainly between navel and heart. Wear it as a neckless.

Features : It immediately aligns the chakras, clearing the meridians.

Stone sign : Taurus

Hardness : 2

Found at : USA, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Greece, Poland, Germany, France, United Kingdom

Color : White, brown, orange, blue

Treatment : It aligns the spine and promotes flexibility. Eliminates mercury poisoning. It is an excellent crystal for lactation and child care. The best treatment it provides is on energy levels.

Placement : Hold it or place it around the house.

Features : It opens the chakras of the peak. It gives deep serenity and tranquility. It can be used to create an energy barrier around the house.

Stone sign : Taurus

Hardness : 5

Found at : Namimbia, Russia, Iran, Peru, Congo

Stone sign : Sagittarius

Treatment : Pressure, migraines, heart, fatigue, liver, stress, headaches

Hardness : 7,5 - 8

Found at : Brazil, Tanzania, Egypt, Austria

Stone sign : Cancer

Treatment : Sinus, lungs, heart, eyes, vision, liver, rheumatism, diabetes

Hardness : 7

Found at : USA, Czech Republic, India, Iceland, Morocco, Brazil

Color : Brownish, red, orange, blue, green

Treatment : Stomach, nervous and endocrine systems, malfunctions of the circulatory system. Helps the eyes, strengthening night vision. Placed on a burned chakra it restores it calmly in balance. On a minor level fire agate clears the etheric blockages and energizes the aura.

Placement : Can be put for long periods on the head or body, depending on the case.

Features : Fire agate works intensely protective, creating a protective shield around the body.

Stone sign : Leo

Hardness : 4

Found at : Greece, China, Mexico, Peru, Brazil

Stone sign : Capricorn

Treatment : Infections, teeth, bones, skin, ulcer, wounds, flu, sinusitis, pain

Hardness : 2,5

Found at : Greece, USA, United Kingdom, Russia

Stone sign : Capricorn

Treatment : Ιnflammation, rash, circulatory, veins, hair

Hardness : 7

Found at : Africa, Mexico, India, Australia

Color : Blue

Treatment : It helps those who are too anxious, irritable or suffer from phobias. In treating the hawk eye slows metabolism, calms a hyperactive libido and dissolves sexual frustrations.

Placement : Place it on the navel chakra for spiritual grounding.

Features : It alleviates depression and elevates mood, balances the yin-yang effects and gives energy to the emotional body. On a mental level, it is incorporating the two cerebral hemispheres.

Stone sign : -

Hardnesss : 5

Found at : Greece, Italy, Brazil, Sweden

Stone sign : Virgo

Treatment : Circulatory, blood, anemia, kidneys, cramps, stress, insomnia, fever

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