Hardness : 5 - 6

Found at : Greece, Chile, Spain, Peru, USA

Treatment : Bones, sleep, circulatory, respiratory, blood, lungs, asthma, bronchitis

Good samples of pyrite, with high gold content within, have been found in Greece, at the region of Chalkidiki.

Hardness : 7

Found at : Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, Greece, Russia, Germany and worldwide

Color : colorless

Stone sign : Capricorn

Treatment : immune system, burns, toothache, migraines, headache

Placement : Place it in an appropriate manner.

Properties : It eliminates radiation. Quartz is the best treating stone as it can be used for any illness.

Features : It is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet, because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. It unblocks energy. Quartz generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity. In meditation, quartz filters out distractions. Protects against radiation. It is great for energy saving.

Hardness : 5-6

Found at : Russia, Spain, Sweden, Brazil

Color : Pink or red

Treatment : It is great for wound healing and relieves insect bites. It can reduce scarring. It is especially beneficial for bones and organs of hearing. Stimulates fertility. Cures emphysema and arthritis, autoimmune diseases, stomach ulcers and multiple sclerosis.

Placement : Place it over the heart for emotional wounds, on the skin, for internal or external wounds.

Features : It brings emotional balance, nourishing love. Assists in reconciliation, long suffering and abuse.

Stone sign : Cancer

Hardness : 4

Found at : Argentina, USA, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria

Stone sign : Leo, Scorpio

Treatment : Asthma, kidneys, circulatory, vision, pressure, migraines, thyroid

Hardness : 9

Found at : India, Madagascar, Russia, Kenya

Stone sign : Leo

Treatment : Body detoxification, blood, fever, heart, kidneys, spleen, circulatory system

Hardness : 9

Found at : India, Burma, Kashmir, Greece, Australia

Stone sign : Aquarius

Treatment : Glands, fever, eyes, stress, blood, bleeding, veins

Hardness : 7

Found at : Brazil, India, Russia Minor Asia

Color : Black, red, brown, colorless

Treatment : Lungs, bones, restores sensitivity to sensory, cell metabolism, strengthens the immune system

Placement : Anywhere, mostly over the stomach. Absorbs negativity.

Features : It brings power, protection, bringing the marriage relationship a happiness and stability that lasts. The sardonyx attracts friends and good luck, protection of energy around the home and garden, to prevent crimes. This stone relieves depression over the hesitations. A stone can be place-routed in each corner and at the door and windows.

Stone sign : Virgo

Hardness : 5

Found at : Greece, USA, Mexico, Africa

Stone sign : Virgo

Treatment : Sinus, veins, muscles, stress, osteoporosis, immune system

Hardness : 5 - 6

Found at : France, Russia, Burma, Romania, Brazil

Stone sign : Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Treatment : Metabolism, immune system, insomnia, radiation, throat, larynx, digestive disorders

Hardness : 7

Found at : worldwide

Stone sign : Sagittarius

Treatment : Headaches, nerves, heart, cramps.

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