Hardness : 3

Found at : Greece, Mexico, China, Africa

Treatment : Stress, fever, stomach

The most beautiful samples of adamina have been found at Lavrio.


Hardness : 7

Found at : USA, India, Africa, Brazil, Morocco, Czech Republic

Color : White, gray, blue, green, pink

Stone sign : Gemini

Treatment : digestive system, gastritis, eyes, stomach, uterus, pancreas.


Hardness : 6

Found at : Russia, Brazil, USA, Austria, India

Stone sign : Virgo

Treatment : Nerves, osteoporosis, teeth, muscle spasms, calcium in the body


Hardness : 2,5

Found at : Poland, Romania, Russia, Dominican Republic

Color : Yellow, golden brown

Treatment : It is a great cleaner of the chakras and a therapist. It has the power to pull the illness, absorbing pain and negative energy. Relieves stress. Treats disorders of the neck, stomach, spleen, kidneys, gall, bladder and liver. Can stimulate the navel chakra and helps to ground actions in the body.

Placement : Put it on the wrist or around the neck. Ιf you treat babies and children, it is beneficial for the mother to wear an amber first.

Features : Amber is not a crystal, it is tree resin that became fossilized. Absorbs negative energies.

Stone sign : Leo


Hardness : 7

Found at : Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Siberia, India, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Sri-Lanka, Africa

Stone sign : Aries

Treatment : endocrine, blood, stress, headache, lung, injuries

Placement : Clusters can be placed on the environment. Individual spikes and bits are used in therapy. It is especially beneficial if you wear it around your neck or heart. For insomnia or nightmares put it under your pillow. Amethyst fades in the sun.

Features : It is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst effectively blocks the passive stress and negative energies. It's an amazing stone for meditation and crystal treatment and it can be placed on the third eye to activate it.


Hardness : 6

Found at : Chile, Russia, Spain

Color : Brown-grey, pink, grey, reddish, green

Treatment : Reduces fears, stops the blood flow and relieves excessive acidity, treating rheumatism and gout. Stimulates lactation in nursing mothers. This stone repairs damage to chromosomes and balances the immune system.

Placement : Around the neck

Features : It is a very powerful stone for protection. Calms fears to overcome the fear of madness. On emotional level, andalousite clarifies the sense of guilt and stabilizes the emotions. Keeps spirituality during illness or injury.

Stone sign : Libra


Hardness : 4

Found at : Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Libya

Stone sign : Aquarius

Treatment : Feet, throat, inflammation, thyroid, lungs, burns

Apache Tear

Hardness : 6

Found at : USA

Color : Black

Treatment : It stimulates the absorption of vitamins C and D, removes toxins from the body and relaxes muscle spasms.

Placement : For men on the abdomen, for women on the breast.

Features : It is excellent for absorbing negative energy, comforts grief, gives an intuitive knowledge of the source of unhappiness and relieves longstanding grievances. It continues to bring light to the negativity, grounds and cleanses the chakra of the earth.

Stone sign : -


Hardness : 5

Found at : Mexico, Norway, Russia, USA

Color : Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Purple

Treatment : It heals the bones and encourages the formation of new cells. Helps calcium absorption, cartilage and teeth, improves arthritis and rickets. Treats glands, meridians and organs, and hypertension.

Placement : Οn the skin of the affected body areas or placed where needed.

Features : It deepens meditation and removes negativity about ourselves and others. Supports the passion without guilt. It makes you less irritable. Reduces the sadness and anger.

Stone sign : Gemini


Hardness : 4

Found at : India, Brazil, Italy, Czech Republic, United Kingdom

Stone sign : Gemini

Treatment : Respiratory, asthma, allergies, skin, reiki therapy

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