Hardness : 3,5 - 4

Found at : Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Africa

Treatment : Inflammation, rash, calmness, serenity, veins.

The precious variation Cleofanis is the most rare.

Hardness : 6

Found at : USA, Russia, Middle East

Color : Brown, yello, reddish brown

Treatment : Staurolite cures cell growth, increases the absorption of hydrocarbons and reduces depression. Traditionally it was being used for fever.

Placement : Hold it or place it appropriately.

Features : Previously it was believed that it was created by the tears shed by the fairies, when they heard the news of the death of Christ. Traditionally it is considered a protective stone and talisman for good luck. It is extremely helpful in relieving stress.

Stone sign : -

Hardness : 6

Found at : Japan, South Africa

Color : Purple, violet-pink

Treatment : The excellent painkiller found in sugilite, manganese clears headaches and malaise at all levels. Cures epilepsy and movement disorders and aligns the nerves and brain.

Placement : Mainly on the heart and the lymphatic glands. Keep it on your forehead for headaches. Put him in the third eye to alleviate the distress.

Features : The sugilite is one of the strongest "love stones" as it brings the energy of the violet rays in the earth. At the mental level sugilite is beneficial for those suffering from dyslexia, filtering and excretion organs of the body.

Stone sign : Sagittarius

Hardness : 6

Found at : Canada, USA, Norway, Greece, India

Color : Yellow, orange, red-brown

Treatment : Enables self-healing forces, regulates the nervous system and brings all organs, treats chronic sore throat and relieves stomach ulcers. For disorders in grief.

Placement : Particularly beneficial when used in sunlight. Wear or hold it properly.

Features : It instills the joy of life and good mood. Clears all chakras. It brings good luck. It is extremely useful for cutting the ties. Placed on the solar plexus, the sunstone removes heavy or repressed emotions and mutation.

Stone sign : Pisces

Hardness : 7

Found at : Philippines, Polynesia, Far East, worldwide

Color : Black or dark brown

Treatment : It reduces fever, helps blood vessels and circulatory system. Prevents the transmission of diseases. Some types of tektite have been used for psychic surgery.

Placement : Place it or hold it appropriately.

Features : Βecause of its extraterrestrial origin, it is believed that tektite stimulates communication with other worlds and encourages spiritual growth through absorption and retention of higher knowledge.

Stone sign : -

Hardness : 7

Found at : South Africa, Mexico, India, Australia.

Stone sign : Gemini, Taurus, Leo

Treatment : Eyes, throat, bones, reproductive organs.

Hardness : 8

Found at : Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, India

Stone sign : Scorpio

Treatment : Digestion, anorexia, nerves, metabolism, vision

Hardness : 7,5

Found at : Kazakhstan, Russia, Zaire

Color : Green

Treatment : It activates the heart chakra and stimulates spiritual relationships. It is a stone full of tranquility and peace. Useful stone to have no loneliness. It is detoxifying, it reduces inflammation and fever sheds. It treats acidosis, leukemia and coldness.

Placement : On lobes, fingers or over the heart. Put him in contact with skin. Place it on the third eye.

Features : It inspires love and devotion. It balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. The uvarovite is said to bring success in business.

Stone sign : Capricorn

Hardness : 3

Found at : Greece, China, Mexico, Africa

Treatment : Circulatory, stress, nerves, heart

It is a very hard to find mineral, worldwide. Particularly in Greece, it is found at the region of Lavrio.

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